Litzow votes to affirm equal rights of transgender people

Following passage of a new rule by the Washington State Human Rights Commission in December affirming the rights of transgender people to use restrooms and locker rooms consistent with their gender identity, Sen. Steve Litzow today voted against an attempt to repeal the rule.

“Transgender people are equal members of our community and under the law – passed in 2006 – which protects them as it does everyone,” said Litzow, of Mercer Island. “Legislation to create more uncertainty and reduce the rights of any minority does more to divide us than to bring equality. This provides our state with a powerful opportunity to educate more people about our transgender community members and the struggles and discrimination they already face.”

Legislation introduced in the Senate would have repealed the rule, which failed on a vote of 24-25.

“Instead of targeting the rights of any minority who are protected under law, we must use this opportunity to affirm the rights and safety of all people,” said Litzow. “I hope today’s vote by the Senate makes it clear to transgender people that their elected officials strongly believe that discrimination is not acceptable.”